uPVC Spraying

Sustainable & Spectacular

uPVC Spraying in Plymouth

Spraying Revolution offers nothing but the best uPVC spraying in Plymouth. Affordable rates & crystal clear communication throughout the entire process. Respray, reimagine, rejoice! 

Transforming surfaces with precision and expertise, we specialise in providing top-tier spraying solutions. Our team of skilled professionals deliver flawless finishes and exceptional results.

Step One


Starting right is crucial. We first remove old silicone from windows, avoiding the pitfall of painting over it. Providing the best uPVC spraying in Plymouth. We use a special cleaner for uPVC windows and doors to remove dirt and residues. Setting up for you to reduce time required sustaining your refurbished doors & windows.

After cleaning, we lightly sand the surface to ready it for spraying. We mask the glass and nearby uPVC to protect your brickwork or masonry. Our attention to detail sets our uPVC window and door spraying apart from the competition!

Step 2

On-site Preparation & Spraying

It’s only after ensuring every surface is flawlessly prepped and precisely masked that we commence the uPVC window and door spraying procedure. Right here in Plymouth, our team readies our cutting-edge spray painting apparatus. 

Our approach to the uPVC respray is characterised by deliberate care and exactness, ensuring consistent application and a pristine finish that elevates the visual appeal of your uPVC fixtures.

Final Day & Showtime!

Once the uPVC window and doors spraying process concludes, our team diligently inspects to confirm the highest standards have been met. 

Elevating the final touch, we apply fresh silicone, harmoniously colour-matched to the rejuvenated shade of your uPVC. Our uPVC respray journey doesn’t just change colours; it crafts a revitalized vision for your property.

Why Choose Us

When You Need uPVC Spraying in Plymouth

In a sea of choices, wondering why do we stand out? Here’s the answer: Our service offers an unparalleled experience from start to finish.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth journey. Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a clear and well-organised throughout the entire process ensuring no detail is overlooked. 

uPVC is one of our specialisms and it’s easy to see why! Our attention to detail knows no limits.

Equipment, knowledge and careful planning leaves your refurbished assets looking stunning. Talk to us about uPVC spraying in Plymouth!

We don’t stop there either, we can help you with your Kitchen Spraying.