If you’re wondering, “how much does it cost to spray my kitchen?“, we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of kitchen respray costs based on specific items. It’s essential to understand these costs when planning a kitchen makeover. Let’s dive straight in!

Let’s do some math! It’s easy – promise!

  1. Kitchen Doors: Kitchen respray costs for doors range between £80 to £110 each.
  2. Drawers: The cost to spray drawers is £30 each.
  3. End Panels: Respraying end panels will cost you £40 each.

To estimate your total kitchen respray cost you will need:

Total Kitchen Respray Cost = (Number of Doors x Price per Door) + (Number of Drawers x Price per Drawer) + (Number of End Panels x Price per End Panel)


Your minimum and maximum kitchen respray costs would be:

Minimum Cost: = (10 doors x £80) + (5 drawers x £30) + (4 end panels x £40) = £800 + £150 + £160 = £1,110

Maximum Cost: = (10 doors x £110) + (5 drawers x £30) + (4 end panels x £40) = £1,100 + £150 + £160 = £1,410

Kitchen spraying cost
Guide how to estimate your kitchen respray cost.


So, depending on the condition and quantities, the kitchen respray cost could range between £1,110 to £1,410. These estimates already account for the inclusion of all end panels, plinths, edges, kick boards, doors, drawers, materials, and warranty. Make sure to adjust the quantities of doors, drawers, and end panels to obtain an accurate estimate for your kitchen.

Average size kitchen respray cost about £1500 including materials and warranty.

Please remember it’s a guide. There might be variables as each project is different but it’s a good way to give you an idea of kitchen respray cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Spray My Kitchen? - Kitchen Respray Cost Breakdown
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